Bonita Hills Apartments Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the property owners of Bonita Hills Apartments to encourage and support its residents to pursue higher education. It is provided to students who live in the Bonita Hills Apartments demonstrated by the following home address:
1400,1404, 1408, 1412, 1416, 1420, or 1432 Ridgeback Rd.
Priority will be given to those with financial need and second priority will be given to those with the highest GPA.
Student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Student must demonstrate financial need, which is determined by data on the student’s current FAFSA or Dream Act Application.

If selected your resident address will be verified.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you live at the Bonita Hills Apartments, located on Ridgeback Road in Chula Vista at any of the following addresses 1400, 1404, 1408,1412,1416,1420,1424,1428 or 1432?
  2. Do you have a current FAFSA or Dream Act application on file at SWC?